NEWA Classic Advanced Kit

Multi level RF technology for lifting and tightening the care head


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NEWA uses clinical-grade radio frequency technology to helpthe skin renew its production of collagen and elastin,two proteins responsible for firmness and elasticity.

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The Ultimate in Skin Innovation is Here.

Why compromise on anti-aging features when you can have them all in one treatment?

The TriPollar TOP Vx COLD combines the power of Muti-Rf and EIV in one next" generotion treatment to effectively lift your facial features and smooth theskin. This is achieved as Mult-RF Technology uses interchanging Radio frequency waves, evenly distributing heat in the dermis layer to stimulate collagenand elastin fibers production,while EIY can lit and tone less sensitive areas of the face, such as the jawine, when they are used simultaneously,

Thanks to these two nnovatons workina n sync the TriPoar STOP VX GOD provides amazing results tha: ift and tone facidl features such as the jawinecontour, plump and tighten sagging skin, al while reducing wrinkle. And,with the addition of our innovative Thermal Mapping feature, you can achieve alof these results with even greater eficiency. This means you can achieve optma and immediately visible professional results in the comtort of your ownhome.







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      l bought this product to get younger-looking skin. This is incredible.My mother and best friend ordered one after seeing my resuts. THIS IS AMAZING.Share


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